Friday, June 30, 2006

speeding up my n6600
by: kelvenfau


The tips i would be posting here are my personal experiences.
1. While accessing the default app manager( Uninstaller ). It normally takes a lot of time

to scan though the uninstaller files if you have lots of apps already installed. It may even

give you a 'memory full unable to remove' error as well. Same could be shown while

Soln. A simple solution to this is browse though using a file explorer and go to
c:\system\install and e:\system\install\ later
You will find the uninstaller files in the above directories.
All you have to do is to create a subdirectory probably as below
c:\system\install\Bypass e:\system\install\BypassNormally in the install folder there would a quite a few apps which you would not be

uninstalling/reinstalling frequently(non-frequent updates). All you have to do is mark these

files, (These files have an *.sis extention.) cut them and paste them in the Bypass folder

we created inside the install folder. You can also delete duplicate unsinstaller files(

files of same app but different version-Dont delete anything if youre not sure)
This will make sure that the app manager( Uninstaller ) does not scan through most of the

files as they are in the bypass folder and saves time and memory while uninstalling.
You may open the app manager( Uninstaller ) and check how fast it opens scans and

Now in future if you have to remove any application which is in the bypass folder, then cut

it from the bypass folder and get it under install and open the app manager( Uninstaller )

and remove. It takes an effort here but it will save time more often.

2. Boot faster and save memory
Soln. Another one, but be more careful. There is a folder called
c:\system\recogs\ and e:\system\recogsThese folders contain *.mdl files which normally start on reboot by which reboot is delayed

and they consume some RAM memory as well. Now there are certain license manager files and

other app files, you need to start while starting the phone, leave them as it is. But you

will find other files like quicksheet.mdl etc which is not needed to start on reboot. Such

files can be marked and placed into a subdirectory \Bypass under recogs and restart the

phone, which will save time and memory as well.
Do it for both c:\ and e:\ carefully.
Later on as required you may bring files from \Bypass to recogs.
Tips- If you get App closed **** error on startup/reboot. This is just the trick for you.
Dont delete anything if youre not sure.

Caution: If you're not sure of something-Dont do it, unless you are experimenting at your

own risk.

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