Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top 20 Websites To Get Free Traffic To Site

These are the websites which provides free traffic to your blog / website. First you should register your account in these sites and then you get a website tracker code from here and put this code in your blog / websites. If your blog is extended of blogspot then you go to control panel->Layout->Page Elements-> choose gadegets->choose HTML/JAVA CODES add->insert above codes->save.
It should remember that you should provide good meta tags to find your website by serch engines with high pagerank.

These following sites are free but some of these require sufficient page views, posts,contents, etc, . These Sites are updates hourly by serch engines like googly serch engine, etc. so if your site is not indexed by serch engine then these free traffic provide sites will give traffic to your sites and more visitors will visit to your blog. Lets enjoy ...

This is a very good free traffic generating site. It provide more traffics than other sites. Because My 2 sites get more traffic from at starting.So first register in this site.

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