Friday, May 5, 2006

S60 phone codes

These codes have been tested on a Nokia 6600

*#06# - Get the Serial Number/IMEI.
structure of the IMEI : XXXXXX XX XXXXXX X
· TAC = Type approval code
· FAC = Final assembly code
· SNR = Serial number
· SP = Spare

*#0000# - Get the SW version (e.g. V 5.27.0 / 28-06-04 / NHL-10 )

*#2820# - Get the Bluetooth (BT) device address
xx# - Quick contact access (xx = location number, e.g. : 17#)

When switching the phone on with the "ABC" key (pen) pressed, no application is started, it's a "safeboot".

WARNING : here is the list of some dangerous codes; use them with care, I'm not responsible for any damage ...

*#7370925538# (*#Res0Wallet#) - Deletes the code for the "wallet" and erase all the content of the "wallet"

*#7780# - Reset to the original settings; some informations are also deleted and need to be re-entered.

*#7370# - Soft format - this will resets all the phone memory (like re-format a disk); make sure to have full battery charged !

[Green]+[def3]+[*+] during a power on performs a hard format : this will return the phone like you have received; make sure to have full battery charged !

*#92702689# (WAR0ANTY) enters into the warranty menu - this code doesn't work with all series 60 phone -.

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