Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 20 Free Seminar ppt,doc Websites

1. :-

This website is a very good sites for Technical seminars , Engineering Seminars PPT, DOC file( powerpoint presentations and word document files) Btech, MCA, Diploma, BCA seminar presentation files. It also contains some good powerpoint backgrounds, templets , animation clips, arts for powerpoint design.

2. MedicalPPT:-

This website contains various mediacal seminars powerpoint presentations and Lectures PPT Slides.

3. :-

This website contains Chemical , mechanical ,computer engineering, IT ,electronics seminars ppt

4. :-

This website contains free Technical and Nontecchnical seminars ppt but some of these not downloadable.

This site contains engineering final years seminars ppt

6.System Engineering Seminar ppt :-

7. :-

This website contains 300 Very good Free Seminar Background Templet For Business, Finance, Education, Holiday, Inspiration, religion, social, sports, Science ,Technology

8. :-

This site contains Engineering seminar topics


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