Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 20 Study Material Websites

1. Core Java and Advance java (j2se, j2ee) study materials top sites.

2. C , Advanceand C , C++ Study materials Top Sites.

3. Operating System (OS), Computer Architecture (CSA) study materials Top sites.

4. Algorithm Analysis and Design (ADA) , Data Structure (DS) study materials Top sites.

5. Relational Data Base Management (RDBMS), Oracle, SQL , PLSQL , Study materials Top Sites.

6. Interviews qustions, Campus preparation Questions, Group Discussion (GD) techniques, Interviews tips, exam preparation tips, tricks, Entrance preparation top study materials sites.

7. Computer Graphics, Multimedia study materials top sites.

8. Networking and Internet technology top study materials sites.

9. Computer Hardwere and Softwere Study materials sites.

10. Discreate mathematics, Linear Algebra , Probability and Statistics, Linearing Programming Problem (LPP) , mathematics and All mathematical Study material top sites.

11. Financial Accounting (FA), Costing , Cost Accounting (CA), Financial Management (FM) TOP study materials sites.

12. General Knowledge, Current GK, Current science affairs, Recent news study material top web sites.

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