Friday, December 24, 2010

Sony Ericsson doodler Jump game: Tips and Tricks

Is that a diddy-rum I hear? 2 maybe, 3? No, its every monster* all at once!! Be honest, the first time you ran into the CALAMITY, you felt like higher power didn’t want you to break your high score. Well here is not one but TWO ways to successfully preserve your score, and maneuver past the CALAMITY. See the two screen-caps for reference.

Green Line
This tract requires a little out-of-the-box thinking, and takes advantage of off-the-screen doodling. When you jump on the first platform, tilt your doodler off to the left of the screen, appearing on the right hand side, safely above the white-platform. BEWARE! There is a blue side-to-side monster just above! But you should be able to make it from the white platform to the top of his head with no problem.


Red Line
If you are reading this, you like adventure. This is the old Indiana-Jones-Leaving-His-Hat-As-The-Stone-Door-Closes trick. After jumping on the first white disappearing platform on the bottom left, quickly and dramatically slide your doodler WAAAAY to the right of the screen, above the Blue winged diddy-rum monster, and below both the purple and red diddy-rums. When you get above the blue monster, proceed upwards – you’ve cut it close. Pause the game, and congratulate yourself. You looked the CALAMITY in the face, laughed and lived to score more points!


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